GPS redo!

So, after sleeping on it and waking up to a new day I realized that I wasnt converting my GPS lat/long data to the correct format when I was inputting it into Google Earth. I was just moving the decimal point over two places so it would look similar to what Google Earth was showing me (IDIOT!). So when I sat down today to tinker I put in some Google searching to find a quick and easy way to convert my ddmm.mmmm format to the little more familiar decimal format (dd.dddddd). A handy website I found was called Earth Point - Tools for Google Earth. It is able to take numerous lat/long data formats and output to the Google Earth preferred decimal format. So I hooked up the SUP500F again to my Arduino and waited to get a lock. I walked away assuming it would take awhile and it already had a lock by the time I walked back (not sure how long I walked away but I'm just glad it got a lock).

My Arduino setup:

Its working!

So the GPS position I picked out of the data stream was 3447.0834 N, 8644.3538 W. The website converted it to 34.7847233°, -086.7392300°.
A formula from this website gave me the formula of ddmm.mmmm = dd + (mm.mmmm / 60); which works very well and wouldnt be too hard to put into code for a GPS parser.

So this is me....(im sad Google hasnt updated their images in a really long time, i have lived in my house over two years and Google still thinks I live in a dirt patch)

I think my impressions of the SUP500F are quickly changing. I guess I should make sure I'm not making a simple mistake before going off and thinking that something is a piece of junk. Now I need to get around to setting up a more robust way of powering and connecting the SUP500F to the arduino (i.e. level translator, optoisolators). Then I can start sending commands to the module and playing with some of the settings.

So for today, SUP500F = AWESOME!

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