So my wife loves Target.....and when i say love i mean we almost named our first child Target. But anyways, she always walks at the end of the aisles looking for deals on the end-caps. Well yesterday she brought home this indoor/outdoor thermometer for your house. I was like 'Hey...that would be really cool to tear apart. Do they have anymore?' She said, 'Yes, we can go get another.' I replied happily, 'Lets do it!' So the next day on my errand run I stopped by Target and luckily I got the last one.

At $2.00 this little thing is at least worth its parts. I'm thinking it has at least some salvageable thermistors or whatever it uses for temp sensing. And hopefully a hackable LCD screen.

So, next post I will hopefully have some pictures of the innards of this little bugger.

So do like my wife does and search the end-caps of Target (or just get your wife to do it like I do). You never know what little hackable tech goodies you can find.

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